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My name is Peter Corin and I'm the team leader of the SAP Support Office at Auckland City Council and in my spare time an amateur web developer.

Since leaving university some years ago I have worked for CGNZ (previously Cap Gemini) and HP as a SAP consultant, and later as a Service Delivery Manager in Newcastle, UK.

I'm certified in mySAP Supply Chain Management (Procurement)(4.7) and have worked with MM, SD, PM (Aerospace), WM and have supported SRM. I've also touched on a number of other areas such as workflow, HR and FI.  But my real interests now are the management aspects of SAP and ITIL.

If you're interested in making contact drop me an email at

I hope you find this site useful.

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  1. HI Pete

    I just visited your web site. Really worth it. I came to know very lately. I was just searching for some mysap SCM certification material.


  2. Hi Pete
    I was looking for resources of SAP when i came across SAPDUP. I was really impressed with the material you have supplied there. I am also certified in SAP CRM TELESALES and working currently as SAP consultant for EDS in NY.
    I am going for another certification which is ORDER FULFILLMENT WITH ERP 2005. I have all the documents available for that. Beside that i need one document which is CR10 which is related to CRM world. Its called CR fundamentals. I was wondering if you have that file in your data bank or in your resources.
    Any response would be highly appreciated

  3. Hello Pete,
    I found this site very interesting.Here is my doubt.
    While doing Goods Issue to cost center,how to create a cost center and its relevant details like GL account etc.,

  4. Dear all,
    I wanna share a good site about SAP, specially for MM adn FICO module at
    Thanks & Regards,

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