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Real Value in SAP’s Customer Appreciation Program

Just a quick note to any SAP Customer out there.  Are you part of the SAP Customer Appreciation Programme?

If you occasionally host conference calls or face to face meetings with potential SAP customers, then you either are or should be.

For my tenure at my organisation we have regularly conducted demo's and conference calls.  We're honest with our experiences both positive and negative and I'm sure this honest feedback is of significant value to SAP.  In the past I have assumed that doing this was just part of our license agreement, but it turns out you get stuff for it.

Over a number of years we had accumulated over 5000 points.  You can redeem points for training or SAP consulting.  We decided to redeem them for training and since most of my team are engaged on projects, decided to make it online training.

So we 'purchased' over NZ$8k (~US$6k) worth of training for essentially nothing.

It's not often you really get something for nothing out of SAP, so I would recommend you investigate with your account executive.

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