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SAP SLA Clarification

I'm having fun measuring SAP's conformance to their new SLA's under Enterprise Support.

I asked for a number of clarifications after Q1 and ended up arguing my case with SAP Support EMEA about one point:

If a call is raised from medium to high or high to very high, the SLA's for the new priority should apply.

Sounds logical right?  So for example a medium call has no SLA's.  The go-live is getting closer, and the priority is upgraded to high, from the moment the priority is changed, SAP must conform to the 4 hour IRT (initial response time).  This call would then also qualify you towards your twenty required calls.

SAP tried to argue that these upgraded calls wouldn't qualify.  I argued that it was common sense that they should and that there were no exclusions in the contract and they gave in.

So don't let SAP tell you these don't qualify.


Want some help with measuring SAP's performance?  Drop me an email and I'll be glad to help.  You could really be saving thousands (as a rebate from your maintenance).

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