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SAP ECC 6.0 Enhancement Pack Overview – EP 1 & 2

This post is exactly what the title says it is. 

I was looking for an overview of the functionality available in the ECC enhancement packs and couldn't find this all in one place, so decided I would put it together here.  However, after starting to write this post, I realised what a mamoth undertaking it is and decided to split it per enhancement pack, in this case 1 & 2.

Enhancement Pack 1

If I'm to believe the SAP Release Note site, there was no Enhancement Pack 1 for ECC 6.0. Can anyone enlighten me?  It's possible all the functionality was rolled into Enhancement Pack 2.

Enhancement Pack 2

Availability: In Unrestricted Shipment since 30th November 2007.



  • FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management) Functions; new SAP Dispute Management options, new Credit Management options and new Collections Management options including additional processing options and portal roles.
  • New component, SAP Bank Relationship Management.
  • Portal Content for Cash Manager role.
  • New component, SAP Biller Direct Buy Side (gives your vendors the ability to upload of bills in XML format with attached documents in the portal, display of open bills in the portal and display in the portal payments made by the customer).
  • New component FICAX_CI_1.  Does that mean as little to you as it did to me?  Well apparently it lets you; create balances variants for the account balance display in Customizing, extract business partner items and dunning histories in SAP NetWeaver - Business Intelligence, dun receivables in accordance with flexible collection strategies in Collections Management and create, manage, and process collection work items, connect external cash desks, send data to external systems using information containers, update the creditworthiness of a business partner on creation of an installment plan, display information in SAP CRM Financial Customer Care Interaction Center, such as the last payment of a customer, post an incorrectly assigned payment on account to the clarification account during clarification processing for payment lots, consider a direct debit limit in the payment run and create and valuate promises to pay.
  • Information Container.  As of SAP ERP 6.0, Enhancement Package 2 (Release 6.02), you can use the information container as a tool to save information within a specific process, such as returns processing, to send it to an external system later using a mass activity.
  • Enterprise Services. As of SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 2 (Release 6.02), in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable, you can use new Enterprise Services as XI interfaces.
  • Payments via External Cash Desk Services
  • New Archiving Objects: Promise to Pay, External Payment Information, Totals Records for External Payment Information, Collection Worklist, Collection Work Item, Information Container.
  • Enhancement for Archiving Objects: Business Partner, Dunning History, Convergent Invoicing, Document Archiving.
  • New function in Business Consolidation, Group Close.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

  • New component, Learning Solution 01 (SAP Learning Solution).  Includes new functionality and roles etc.
  • New component, Enterprise Learning (amongst other things, allows use of Virtual Learning Rooms as a delivery method).
  • New component, Administrative Services 01.
  • Improved eRecruiting integrations. 
  • EIC (employee interaction center) integration with HCM processes and forms.
  • Improved integration between HCM processes and forms and ESS & MSS.
  • New design time for processes and forms.
  • Additional BI content for the Shared Services area.
  • New sample processes for HCM Processes and Forms.
  • New functions for the configuration of Processes and Forms and in the workbench for the Administrator.
  • Enhancements to the EIC.


  • New enhancements in MM. 
  • New MM BI Content.
  • New component, 'Retail Purchasing'
  • New manufacturing execution components in 'Lean Manufacturing, MRP Evaluations.'  Including functions for 'Heijunka Process' and 'Kanban'.
  • New components in 'XSteps. Campaign Weighing (LOG_PP_PI_EHM)
  • New components in 'SD Complaints Handling.
  • New enhancements to 'SCM ERP Integration'.

Corporate Services

  • New Real Estate Functions, including; Rent Adjustment Based on Cost Efficiency Analysis, Contract: Lock UI to Retroactive Changes, Condition Split, Enhancements of CO Integration, Master Data: Graphical Integration, Long Term Seating Arrangements and Move Planning, Room Reservations, SCS: Modified Initial Screen, Contract: Different Posting Term for SC Settlement, Accrual/Deferral: Transfer of Service Charges Not Yet Posted, Integration with Cash Management and Forecast, Contract Processing: Multiple Assignment of Objects, Conditions in Foreign Currency, Change to Processing of Conditions, Post Sales-Based Settlement Using Cash Flow,
  • New components in Enterprise Asset Management, 'Project Oriented Maintenance'.
  • New enhancements in EAM, 'Maintenance Event Builder' and 'Hierarchical Task List'.
  • New portal roles and functionality for EAM (PM) including; Basic Maintenance Processing (New), Maintenance Technician Role (Enhanced), Maintenance Planner Role (New), Maintenance Supervisor Role (New), Attachment Configuration (New), Mass Changes for Equipment and Functional Locations (New) and Basic Order View (Enhanced).
  • New components and enhancements to Travel Management (including integration with HCM).

Mill Products

  • New components in Mill OrderToCash and Global Trade, including; Fast Entry in the Trading Contract, Sales Order Fulfillment with Stock Reduction in Pieces, Control of Batch Determination, Make-to-Stock Production for Configurable Materials with External Planning, Changeable Characteristic Values in the Returns Order, Parallel Picking with DTUC, Enhancement in 'DTUC Pool' and Printing DTUC Shop Papers, Alternative Units of Measure in Production, and Classification at Time of Goods Receipt using BAPIs.

Travel & Transportation / Aerospace & Defense

  • New components in A&D Maint, Repair & Overhaul including; Maintenance Program Definition, Configuration Control
    Logbook, Maintenance Event Builder and, Hierarchical Task List.


  • New components in the business functions; Retail Supply Chain, Retail Planning & Master Data, Retail Buying and Retail Store & Multichannel.


  • New components in the business functions; trade commodity management and trade agency business.


  • New components in Waste & Recycling including; a Controlling Cockpit, integration with the Customer Interaction Centre and enhanced sales processing.
  • New function, Compatible Unit Management.
  • Significant number of new components in Utilities General Enhancements including; Billing of Energy and Services, Meter Reading Services, Energy Capital Management, Collaborative Services and IDE, Customer Service Management and Customer Financials Management.


  • New components in Media Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable.
  • New function, Media Press Distribution. 


  • New Portal roles for Network Lifecycle Management (NLM)
  • Changes to billing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable.
  • New function, Telco Enhanced Invoicing
  • New function, Teclo Enhanced Revenue Management


  • New function, Automotive Innovations, including; JIT Outbound, JIT Inbound, SD scheduling agreements and Vehicle Management System.
  • New function, Generic Automotive Innovations, including; 8D Report Automotive and Enhancements to Self-Billing Monitor.

So that's it for Enhancement Packages 1 & 2.  Stand by for the Enhancement Package 3 and 4 posts.

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SAP Firms Doing it Tough During the Recession?

I run a number of websites on a fairly casual basis, sharing by knowledge in some areas with internet users in general.  As you'll see from this site, I use Google Adsense to try and recoup some of the expenses of running the sites.

Yesterday I decided to do a bit of analysis.  Sapdup, despite it's relatively low volume of visitors used to be a 'cash cow' for me, and in recent months I have noticed a significant decrease in revenue for this site.  So I set out to take a better look at the numbers.

In the six months from 19th of October 2007 untill 19th of March 2008, this site had a clickthrough rate of 1.69%.  This may seem low, but is actually very high compared to my other sites (my blog got 0.15% during the same period).  During this period, the ePCM (cost per thousand impressions) on sapdup was $11.88.  Again, this is very high compared to my blog which got $0.32.

In the last six months, the clickthrough rate for sapdup has dropped to 0.68% (perhaps reflecting a reduced interest in training, new products, consulting etc) and the ePCM has dropped to $2.64.  $2.64 is still good, but adjusted for the decrease in clickthrough rate (59.8%) this is still a drop in the cost of advertising here at sapdup of 18%.

Since the price paid for google ads is based on an auction system, we can assume that this drop is entirely due to either there being less parties interested in buying SAP related advertising, their available budgets being cut, or both.

So is the SAP industry feeling the same pain the rest of the world is?  My data isn't exactly a rock solid indication, but my answer would certainly be 'yes'.

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Wanted: SAP CRM Resource

As anyone in the SAP CRM space will know, there is an exciting new release of SAP CRM, version 7.0 coming into general release (likely) in May.

I'm potentially looking for someone with experience with SAP CRM, preferably version 6 or 7 (i.e. the new user interface),  who is interested in a mixed project/support environment and who is currently located or interested in relocating permanently to New Zealand.

If you fit the bill, drop me an email at and I will let you know the application process.

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